Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Reflecting on 2016

So after a fairly crappy start to 2016 with personal circumstances being at an all time low. Losing yourself within yourself is always a good way to start your 30th year. A new son being born and struggling from the off set, we figured what more could this year bring that would test us to breaking. With a mixed bag of highs and lows on the bike also added to the mix, by October i was starting to lose love for it. Taking myself away to re find my love of biking with no punishing myself for not keeping up on set nights and just enjoying being out in the open.
  By the end of November i had rediscovered the pure joy of being off road in the forest with friends having a laugh, and mixing in a flying solo lap also. So decided to participate in a round of the Kings Lynn MTB Winter Series, setting up the bike in the same way i would riding pines or cannock chase. After next to no proper prep leading up to a 3 hour XC race coming in second last. not a great round performance but nothing that wasn't to be expected. A couple of days after the event the current series standings were released and to my amazement i was 26th out of 35 a massive confidence boost that i needed.
  Earlier in autumn my friend, Justin, sent me a link to apply to be a brand ambassador for a bike clothing company. All you needed to do was fill in a application with why you enjoy cycling and what drives you on. On the 9th of December whilst out riding cannock with Justin i received an email to say I'd been accepted into the Pearl Izumi Champions Team for 2017. Yet another massive confidence boost at just the right time. On this same day at cannock whilst crossing over the railway bridge, i unbeknowingly rode past one of my future team mates. strange coincidence it seems.
  All in all this year has taught me that in you need to get lost to find yourself, cherish those around you, appreciate the friends you have, and those that help put a positive spin on life. 

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