Friday, 14 July 2017

June/ start of July

These past few weeks have been a little lack lustre on the cycling side of life. Unfortunately real life has caught up. Instead I have spent a substantial amount of time and effort, packing up the house I rented for 18 months and sorting out the new house we are buying. Apparently there is a lot that needs to be bought and sorted when buying a new house. No new bikes this year, carpets and a new shed have gone to the top of the priority list. Needless to say that is sorted, so time to get back on the training before Ard Rock. After my first session on Thursday, I realised how important rest is. I felt really refreshed and at point was quicker on the mountain bike than I may have been on the road bike.  Whilst having down time, I have however managed to sort a few pre winter series events to push my pace on and ensure I've got the stamina for the 3 hour events. 3 weeks until Ard Rock though 🤘🤘

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