Friday, 4 August 2017

Ard Rock 2017 prep

Well the time has come to saddle up the bike, a year after doing one stage cacking myself and dropping out. Last years prep was very minimal and this years is on par. Having only two great rides in the peaks as proper training sessions probably helped prepare me a little more than last year. What can I say "we live, we learn" or "fake it til we make it". That being said this year I have a better excuse for not training, moving into your first non rented home and getting it habitable in 4 days has been a stretch. Luckily for me I have a great set of friends and people around me to make it easier. The bike is primed and ready to go, after a minor mechanical and frantic internet search for new parts, we have working brakes. That's to andy and his fettling skills for helping me diagnose the problem on a Sunday morning, with pics and minimal technical information to go on. All being well though I will at least complete Ard Rock and have nothing broken on myself or the bike

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